THE FIRST VLOG: Many more to come...

PRESENTING the first of many vlogs... I made this for you, but I really made this for me.

Let me explain: I love vlogging and hopefully they'll get better the more I do them. I spend a majority of my time writing / producing / branding / strategizing & contemplating music... But, when I make the brave decision to leave the bowels of my bedroom lab / studio, I want bring you guys along (and also watch them back for myself later on when I need some inspiration). It's true, even though I strive for it, I'm not always inspired and happy 24/7. ツ

Working on music is a lot of fun, but it definitely has it's days that feel like "work". Unfortunately, being an artist in 2016 requires you to do a lot more than just create music. You have no choice but to be Facebook-ing, tweeting, twerking on Instagram, defining your six-pack for tumblr and re-connecting with your "Top 8" on MySpace. If I'm being honest (which is the whole point of these blogs) there are times when I feel like I'm losing my mind because I'm trapped in a digital vortex of social media slush... Yes, the garbage click-bait and one-sided opinions that fill our news-feeds eventually kills my soul. †

That's one of the main reason I try to take trips often. It reminds me that the little things in life are what makes it all worth while... Spending time with friends / loved ones is what actually holds value. You'll remember the long nights and epic adventures, but your ten thousand Instagram followers won't bring you happiness. Unless, you're doing it to show the kids you went to high-school with that you're cooler than them. I kid, I kid... ツ

When my day is done, I want to remember my time spent with "friends", which is also why I call my fans "friends". It's not just some marketing scheme, it's a genuine belief. And, while I know I won't be able to meet everyone along the way, I still want everyone to be a part of journey.

This is where the vlogs come into play. I know it's not a real life party, but hopefully these short "trolly" videos give you a taste of life with "Your Buddy Mike" and also help remind me that having fun and living life is way cooler than being "INSTA-FAMOUS".

You are all awesome. I wouldn't be able to do this without you.

That's all for now.

Until next time, keep smiling! ツ