Yep, that’s right… you feel “stuck”, but guess what? You are NOT ALONE. Life goes through seasons and sometimes you find yourself in a season of struggle (just like EVERYONE else bro). Keep your head up and keep moving forward. Even if it’s baby steps, just KEEP MOVING FORWARD. You know it’ll make a difference in time. Do SOMETHING today that will contribute to a better tomorrow (for yourself and for others). YEP, do something right now… Eventually things will get better, but you have to allow space for CHANGE.

You know that change comes in many uncomfortable shapes (heartbreak, pain, uncertainty, fear, etc), but don’t let this prevent it from happening. You can’t expect things to change if you don’t start doing things you’ve never done. Step out into the unknown “with arms wide open” (yes, that’s a Creed reference) and enjoy the journey. Remember that “new” doesn’t always mean “good”, but at least it welcomes new experiences. Experiences that allow you to grow into the person you want to be.

If you take away one thing, take away this; You don’t always need a plan. Sometimes you just need to take the leap of FAITH and see what happens. #keepsmiling ツ