Most people won't like your music and that's okay...

Wanna see what my current email inbox looks like?

Submitted my track to 25 blogs and have been denied by all of them so far... ツ

Submitted my track to 25 blogs and have been denied by all of them so far... That doesn't even count the 25+ emails I sent with no response at all.

Trying to get blog / media support in the saturated music industry is more difficult than taking a hot air balloon to the freaking moon... No jokes this time. ツ

I like to think I'm starting to get a decent fan following, but the number of media outlets that turn down my tracks seems to be on the rise. With our digital footprint growing daily and all the information in the world at our finger tips, apparently we've all become critics of everything. A lot of people get upset about this notion, but I think it's kinda awesome. The reason why, we have an opportunity to kill someone with kindness every second of our existence.

Example: High Clouds (smaller EDM blog) drops me an email to let me know that they don't want to feature my track because I sound like Justin Bieber (which is apparently a diss. However, I find this to be funny because the Beibz is arguably one of the biggest pop stars of ALL TIME). In this moment it's easy to take a critique personal, but what do I truly care? I don't know you personally and there's nothing out there that says you have to like my music...

Peep the exchange:

Side note: I'll be honest, I kinda wanted to throw a one liner their way... Instead I joked + said thank you and hopefully something will come of it. Cheers to self-restraint?! Haha ツ

REAL TALK though: If you want to make it in the ever growing garbage filled music industry... Start preparing your thick skin now. Not sure I'll always be able to find the energy to throw praise to the "haters" and look at the positive instead of the negative, but I will always make it a goal to make this whole "music thing" fun all around.

Today reminded me that life isn't about praise from others, it's about doing what makes YOU happy. Please please please, do not live your life (especially in music) working in hope of seeking approval from others. If that's what you're after in music, do yourself a HUGE favor and abandon ship as quickly as possible (I say this because I care about your well being).

It's cliche, but life is short and we only get to live it once. Make the little moments feel like big moments, live for what truly makes you happy and let haters hate (they're just upset cause they ain't you).

That's all the word vomit for now... Until next time, keep smiling friends!

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